You can’t start over and make a new beginning, but you can start now and create a new ending.

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Hey! I’m Kassy Sunshine - Life Coach, Professional speaker, and mindset mentor with a special passion for helping young women (like you!) ditch your quarter-life slump and design a life you love waking up to each morning.

I believe the world needs more of us to stop settling for a status quo life and instead go for what we want most now, rather than waiting for later.

You know that little voice inside of you saying it’s time for a change? The one whispering to you that you are not living your best life right now? The one screaming that you deserve to actually enjoy the next 50 to 60 years of life rather than just going through the motions?

Welcome to your space for listening to that voice, figuring out what you want next in life, and then actually making it happen. Because hearing that voice is one thing, but actually doing something about it is a whole different level.


Most of us go through life with our brakes on; not using our full power and holding ourselves back. Are you ready to release the brake and confidently move forward?

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So let me guess, you thought by your mid 20’s and early 30’s you would have this thing called life totally figured out. Perfect relationship, amazing friends, fun travel adventures all the time, no debt, a career you are crushing, the perfect body, total clarity on who you are and what you want for your life.

But instead the reality you are living now looks a little more like being single while watching all your friends get married and you swiping yet again for hours on the newest dating app, while dreading getting up Monday morning to drive your hour long commute to a job you wish paid you more and actually left you feeling happy instead of stressed. Perhaps you moved to a new city and spend most of your free time on the couch watching the newest Netflix show because you aren’t even sure how to make new friends in this weird adult world. Wait, maybe you are in a job your parents told you would provide great security and options, but instead it’s mostly boring you each day and causing you to day dream of a career that lights you up yet you have no idea what that career actually is and you are terrified of having to make such a big change. And lets not even bring up the gym thing, you know that place you keep donating money to each month yet when you try to make yourself go pjs and the couch sound like such a better option.

Whether you resonate with one of those realities or all of them, I want to be the one to promise you that you are not alone. I have completely been there (heck still am in some places) and so have so many of the women I have met and served. Most of us feel lost and stuck in one or more of those areas, we just aren’t talking about it and therefore we can’t find support to actually change any of it.


You desire to feel more confident in your life choices, more clear on your next steps, and more courageous to push past fears and doubts holding you back.

You feel at a crossroads; you know you could be happier and want to make changes in your life, but you are holding yourself back from making those changes because of fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

You did everything you were supposed to; went to school for the sensible degree, got the job with the good benefits and decent career ladder, pay your bills each month with little left over for travel and life of freedom you actually desire.

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Most of us live life on autopilot - going through the motions and hoping happiness will happen to us.

But what if you actually felt in control of your happiness, able to stop spinning your wheels so you could move forward with a clear sense of direction, no longer second guessing yourself because of doubt and fear?

I help passion-driven women (like you!) navigate the struggles and triumphs of life in your 20’s and 30’s. You desire to feel a sense of purpose and direction with your life, balancing a career you actually love with the time freedom you need to invest in your self-care, and living in the moment while also feeling secure for your future. I am the raw, real, and authentic coach (or partner in dreaming as I like to think of it) that will help you take control of 4 key areas of life - mindset, career + purpose, self-care, and time + money freedom so you can bring that balanced and vibrant life to reality. Instead of waiting for happiness to happen to you, I will help you develop the mindset and actionable approach needed to create your dream life be design, rather than by default.

If you are ready to turn off autopilot, wake up those dreams dormant inside of you, and take the leaps of faith in life that excite you most (and probably scare you too!), then you are in the right place!

Imagine having support, accountability, a safe place to talk this crap out, tools and strategy for truly changing the way you accomplish your goals, and a community of people going through the same thing. Because you have found that exact place, now you just need to take advantage of it!

Coming soon! Contact Kassy for more information!

Coming soon! Contact Kassy for more information!

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