Choices baby, life is all about choices 👈.

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Choices baby, life is all about choices 👈.

You choose who you spend your time with👭.

You choose who you give your energy to🔥.

You choose to move your body or not💃.

You choose what goes in your mouth🍍.

You choose what you do in this world💼.

You choose how you go about your day🚴‍♀️.

You choose how you respond to things happening around you🤔.

You choose to stay stuck or try something different💪.

You choose to not leave your job🗳.

You choose to have money or not💸.

You choose to be happy or not💡.

You choose your life🙌.

So many of us are going through life acting as if life is happening to us. But really life is happening because of our choices.

Take your life back. Take your choices back. DECIDE how you want to live your life and then make the adjustments that are needed to align with what you choose for yourself.

Complaining about something, but doing nothing to change it is ultimately still a choice. You are choosing to stay exactly where you are at 👈.

5 years ago I was not happy with where I was at or what was happening in my life. So I made a choice that no matter what was going on around me I was going to choose to be happy. I was going to create my happy. I was going to live my happy. I was going to make the necessary choices I needed to live my chosen life. I wasn't going to sit back and let life happen to me, I was going to choose how it happened.

Get real with yourself. Check in and ask yourself if your choices are getting you closer to your desired life or keeping you right where you are at. Choose what you want your life to be, don't let it be chosen for you.

Your next move could shift the entire direction of your life, choose wisely.

Kassy Scarcia