Have you given up on your dream?

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Do you know when you gave up on your dream?

Before you read any further, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to take a few seconds to look back on your life and try to remember your earliest dreams. The first visions for your future that made you really excited to grow up. The dreams that made you say I can’t wait until I can do that. Ok got one? Great, then proceed.

As children, we all had dreams. It was natural for us to dream. No one had to tell us to do it or how to do it. From taking care of our stuffed animals if they were sick, to making our family sit down as we took their food order, to dressing up for Halloween as a firefighter.  We didn’t think about what was possible, how we would do it, or what others would think about our dream. We just let our mind wonder, get excited, and we ran with it for however long it lasted.

But then we started to grow up. For many of us, this meant being told how to do dream. Being told what a ‘proper’ dream was and how we should achieve that dream. It might look different for different people, but nonetheless most of us went through a process of having our initial dreams worn down in someway, packaged into a realistic and sensible box, and given back to us with expectations.

We no longer let our mind wander or try things on or truly just get excited. We started to focus on how we were going to do it and the expectations we would satisfy, rather than the emotion it evoked in us. 

Throughout my experiences coaching 20-somethings who are feeling stuck in a quarter-life slump, advising college students towards graduation, and supporting people with their health and financial wellness journey I have noticed one trend…

Many of us have given up on our dream. We changed our view for the future, adjusted our desires based on others expectations, and went for what made sense. 

Have you given up on your dream?

This is not to say that dreams can’t change, but you need to ask yourself what the catalyst for that change has been. Is it because you figured out something more aligned with who you are and what you want to get from life. Was it because someone told you what you are good at and ‘should’ be doing? Is it because you are following in the steps of people who have come before you and have decided what a sensible career path is?

Our beautiful country was built on dreams. It was built by people with visions for massive amusements parks bringing joy to children from all over. It was built by people who dreamed of connecting people from all over the world with one online platform. It was built by people who imagined putting a giant piece of machinery in the air to get us from one place to the other much more efficiently.

All dreams that didn’t fit in a box at the time, didn’t follow what had come before them, and probably didn’t meet someone’s expectations…but nonetheless were important to this world and given to those people for a reason.

Your dreams were not given to you by accident. They are not something you simply thought up one day. You were chosen to have those dreams, to feel that calling, for a purpose and a reason. But it is up to you to truly take ownership of those dreams and commit to them. Dreams don’t happen to you, they happen with you. It is a partnership between the universe and your belief and desire that bring dreams to reality. 

So I want you to ask yourself, if the life you are living now the life you dream of living for how ever many days you have left? Is that the dream that burns with passion and desire inside of you? If it is never too late to pursue your dream life, but the first step is admitting you aren’t living it currently and then taking one step in the direction towards the vision for your life. 

You don’t have to know all the steps. You don’t have to know how it is going to work out or become a reality. But you do have to know what you truly want and then begin taking small steps in that direction. If you are ready to take to those steps, to answer the voice inside of you that knows you want a different life, reach out and let me link arms with you on your journey to bringing your dreams to life again.

Kassy Scarcia