Don't Miss Your Greenlight In Life

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The unknowns of life can be scary sometimes. Having to take a chance, make a leap of faith, believe in something intangible. Our brain will fight against these actions by making sure that we remember what is ‘realistic’. Living in this place of reality completely keeps us out of possibility, which is where the magic happens.

For me, I have come to realize that I often determine if I want to believe in the possibility of something, by first running it through my reality test. I look for evidence as to why it may or may not happen and how I could make it work. Staying in this place of how to make it happen and what is realistic completely blocks the opportunity for faith and trust. Instead, fear and doubt get to play their favorite game of holding you back. Possibility doesn’t come from reality, but you can choose to create your reality from possibility.

By now you are probably mumbling under your breathe how dare I assert that you ignore reality. Ignoring reality is dangerous and irresponsible. Reality is just how it is. We have to accept it and deal with it.

Sure, reality is how it appears now, but you have a choice to make. A choice to stay in that place, accept it, and see your whole life through that lense...or you can choose to change your context and see the possibility, what could be, what you will create. I like to call this taking your green lights in life.

Let me set the picture for you of how I came to this breakthrough.

One morning, as I was about to turn out of my apartment complex I noticed the stop light in front of me was green. If I hesitated at all to turn out of my complex I wouldn't make the light and I would have to sit and wait for the next green one. At the same point, if I gun it and go for it I don't know if I will actually make it or not. I had to choose. Do I live in possibility and go for it or accept reality that I probably won’t make it and hold myself back?

Instead of worrying about the reality of making the light, I had to choose possibility and commit to it 100%. I was going to make that green light without any doubt in my mind. If I hesitated at all, to consider the reality, then the opportunity to make the light would have been gone. Sure I could wait for the next one to come along, but who knows what possibility I just lost in the process of waiting. Your green lights aren’t going to wait for you. The universe is going to challenge you to live in possibility so that you can receive your green lights when given. If you hesitate and stay in a place of reality then you will spend a lot of precious moments waiting at red lights.

I realize this story is a very simple metaphor from life, but the message is no less powerful. You have to choose to believe in the reality even if you can’t see the how. You have to choose to commit to the possibility 100% and risk being constantly held back from your goals. You have to trust the universe that it will figure out the how and you will be ready to receive those message. 

What green lights is the universe giving you? Are you ready to finally shift to a place of possibility and go for it? What will you declare to create in your life by graciously accepting your green lights? 

If you are ready to take on this shift, schedule your possibility call now so we can do it together! 

Kassy Scarcia