The Only True Way To Fail!

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Sometimes you run for a goal and you knock it out of the park.

Sometimes you run for a goal and you fall completely short.

Sometimes you run for a goal and who the heck knows what happens.

But the key is you keep running. Even on the worst of worst days when everything in your silly little brain is saying you can't, you won't, don't bother.

You pick yourself back up and you remember your WHY in the first place πŸ™Œ. Why this goal is so damn important. Why this goal will change your life. Why you refuse to live your life without reaching this goal... no matter how hard or how long it takes you.

You want to get clear on what it would cost you to turn around. What you would miss out on and lose if you were to give up now. Every goal is started because we long for something or we are unhappy with something we currently have. You need to get clear on what you long for and what you don’t want in your life. Then hold on to that burning desire for better. That deep need for this in your life. And what it would cost you to give up now.

Trust me we all have the bad days, me included! I went for a big goal last month, didn't reach it, heck didn't even come close, and the comparison gremlin was all kinds of strong today as many of my teammates got shouted out for their success. So much of me wanted to give into that stupid old story of not being good enough.

But you know what? Not today I said, that story is not welcome in my life anymore. I choose to believe in myself, in my goals, in the dreams that were given to me for a reason. The only way to truly fail is to quit and I was reminded of that today from some great people. So let me be the one to remind you today!

So don't give up, don't stop running, don't give into your silly brain or disempowering gremlins. Lean on others, borrow their belief in you if you have to, and remind yourself you are capable of truly anything, even if it doesn't happen right when you want it to.

Kassy Scarcia