The Waiting Game We Almost Always Lose

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I watched my grandparents penny pinch and save their entire lives in hopes of enjoying retirement. I remember always thinking to myself, what if you never made it to retirement? How much did they miss out on in life by waiting?

At the same time, I was also watching my mom work 80 hours a week, missing many important moments in life, rarely actually present with us or able to relax and have fun. 

Her life revolved around keeping her employer happy rather than doing the things that meant the most to her and she missed out on so many important moments because of it. She even got to travel the world as part of this job, which should be exciting, except she never got to take us with her and she rarely had any time to even enjoy the places she went.

Then one day that employer she worked so hard to keep happy decided with no warning, no care in the world, no reason, that she was disposable and let her go. And it devastated her. 

I don’t think I realized how much watching these things happen shaped me and how I do and do not want to live my life. I don't want to sacrifice what matters most to me and makes me most happy in the pursuit of a career society deems respectable. 

I don't want to play it safe financially when really there is no safety in that because employers could care less about my future. I want a life that I have control over. That I have choice in. That I get to dictate and decide. 

I want a life designed by me, not for me, that is aligned with what matters most to me and makes me the happiest.

I think we all deserve that. I think we all owe it to ourselves to pursue that. And I am on a mission to make sure we all get that chance if we want it. If this resonates with you reach out and let’s chat about how to make your most ideal life, the life you truly choose, a reality for you.

Kassy Scarcia